Chimney Lining

Chimney Lining

We carry out chimney relining for multi-fuel stoves, wood stoves, open fires and gas fires. We use flexible stainless steel flue liners.

Below are a few reasons a chimney may need relining:

– The flue is leak smoke or flumes into other rooms or parts of the building
– Condensation or tar are seeping through the chimney walls, causing staining either outside or inside the building
– The flue is much too large for the application being used
– The flue is too cold, particularly if on the outside wall, and consequently no drawing properly
– The old flue surface is eroded and causing leakage and poor up-draft

Having a chimney liner by a HETAS registered company means that you do not need to get local building control to come in to inspect the installation, as being HETAS approved we install to building regulation document J.

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